Welcome to the teachers section of "smoke’s no joke". We aim to arm you with all the information you need to tackle smoking issues in school.

The Smirkins

The Smirkins are the family we've created to help explain the issues surrounding smoking to children.

Smirkins Family


Carol Smirkin looks after her family and tries to keep them healthy. Carol doesn't smoke and worries that Dave's smoking is giving the kids Tasha and Joe, the wrong messages, especially now that they are getting to that 'difficult' age.


Dave Smirkin is a hard-working Dad who needs to look after himself a bit more. A heavy smoker with a stressful job, Dave would exist on cigs, tea and bacon butties if he could get away with it. His wife Carol is having none of it and tries to make sure he eats healthily and is always on at him to quit smoking.


Daughter Tasha (14) was doing ok at school, but she wants to be popular and has recently drifted towards the wrong crowd. She has started smoking in the hope that it will improve her chances of getting in with them.


Sport mad Joe (12) hates smoking, but loves playing practical jokes, especially on his sister and her smoking has given him lots more stuff to wind her up about!

Nic, Joe's mate

Nic (13) is Joe's mate. He's a bit shy, but still considers himself cool. Nic just wants to be liked, especially by Tasha who he fancies like mad, and he'll do almost anything to impress her.


Not forgetting Patch, the Smirkins long-suffering and faithful hound. He's a bit scruffy but not half as daft as he looks!

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